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Head-to-head Comparison

Trying to decide between two presidential candidates, two potential mates, two schools, two investments, two cities, two products – anything and everything, you have come to the right place.

How does this work?

  • You JOIN pondare™ – it only takes a few seconds;
  • After you have joined you can create a new comparison:
    • Choose the subjects you want to compare
    • Come up with a list of criteria based on which the two subjects will be evaluated (compared)
    • Invite your friends and family (if you make it private) or the whole World (when you make it public) to help with the evaluation.
  • Anyone or just the people you invite can check out your comparison and grade the two subjects on each criteria
  • pondare™ calculates the scores and shows you how the two subjects compare with each other.

Check it out!

Click on any of the public comparisons on the left to see how this works. When you join you can grade the subjects of those public comparisons if you wish to participate.
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